In addition to our commitment to humane animal care, we also pledge to deliver them to our consumers in the most environment-friendly way!

Plastic Cartons - we use PET for our packaging not only for its excellent protection of our eggs, but also because its manufacture minimizes materials used, energy consumed, and waste generated in production.

The Born Free plastic egg carton is 100% recyclable and is made entirely from 100% recycled materials. The plastic used in the Born Free plastic carton is made from recycled soda bottles, so the cartons that now safely hold our eggs once packaged soft drinks. The Born Free PET plastic carton is labeled with the #1 recycling code, which denotes eligibility for recycling by municipal waste collection agencies. PET can be remanufactured to produce polyester fiber, which is used in carpets, insulating fleece for clothing, and containers.

Our carton manufacturer has reduced the waste in the production of our cartons. None of our waste is thrown away. The manufacturer grinds its plastic waste at its own plant and sells it back to the plastic supplier, so that it can be re-melted into sheets of PET plastic. The manufacture of plastic packaging requires less energy to make and results in less pollution than paperboard counterparts.